Auction Time (Bad Boy Bachelors of Orange County Book 3)

When disaster strikes Newport Beach, The Centaurs decide to host an auction to raise money for repairs.
Wonderful idea, except they want to enlist the services of Cartwright Marketing Agency. 

I hate athletes. More than that, I loathe football players and I’m absolutely not an Eric Declan fan.

We hooked up one night and left me straight after.
What a dog. 
I should have known better because they actually call him ‘the dog’ on the field and off it. 
Foolishly, I allowed the man to charm me with his smile, that bad boy attitude, the masterpiece body, then out of my dignity. 

I, for one, want to skip this collaboration but I have to work with him if I want the chance to do more at the agency. 

Working with him is a nightmare. 
The man is temptation designed for sin. 

He wants a repeat of our little mistake. 
I want to stay away from him. 

The problem is …it’s getting harder to resist him. 
Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me…
Or is it? 
Did I mention he looks really good in a suit?

If you like hot, steamy, romance with gorgeous, drool-worthy bad boys you will love this book. Dive in now for some fun.


Fourth Book in The Bachelors of Orange County Series