When Beauty Met The Beast (Vandervilles Book 1)


I’ve known the Vandervilles all my life. 
My best friend is one, my idol is one, and so is her son. 
The one thing people keep telling me over and over again is …be very careful. 
“Something is always going on with those people…” 
Always in the media, always some scandal…

Did I listen?
I did the opposite and fell for the son, Wade Vanderville…
The billionaire bad boy. The handsome, hot -as-sin, true alpha of a man who’s too cocky for his own good.
The man who wanted to make me his.
Falling wasn’t hard. 
What was hard was knowing what to do with my feelings.
To feel is one thing, but what about the warnings?

Deep beneath the veneer of the luxurious lifestyle lie secrets.
Dark, dirty secrets that could destroy the Vandervilles.
Secrets that a cold, calculating, and vengeful person has been collecting, and patiently waiting for the perfect moment to exact a cruel and painful revenge…

Secrets, I got caught up in and landed myself in the lion’s den.

Falling in love was amazing, until it was dangerous.
Love can be crazy, love can make you feel like you have everything. 
But loving this man could get me killed…

Betrayal! Obsession! Revenge! Can love conquer all? 


Second Book in The Vanderville Series