Play of Love (Boxset)

The only thing more important than the game is the women they love…

Immerse yourself in this steamy collection filled with drool-worthy, hot alpha males. 
Over-protective bad boy football players who will have you begging for more …

Book 1- Shape of My Heart

There was a time when I had the world at my fingertips. 
I was the legendary Josh Mancini, star linebacker for the L.A Gladiators. 
Women worshipped me and men wanted to be me. 
Then tragedy struck and I lost it all, and … I lost myself. 
Guilt and shame consumed me, sending me into the arms of alcohol, loose women, and more self-loathing. 
No one had to tell me I was on a self-destruct mission. One that could end my career for good—and maybe my life.
Then she came…
Amy Rose.
My new PA. 
The sweet, flawless, goddess of a woman tasked with resurrecting the old me for the upcoming season. 
It was a clever move from the team’s PR company to hire her. Everyone knew that beautiful women were my weakness, and she had the kind of beauty that would rival the angels.
She was the very last thing I wanted.
Temptation… and, I hated the raw attraction that drew me to her.
It would be easier if she wasn’t in my life. 
There was just one small problem… 
I need her.

Book 2 - The Road Trip (formerly called One Wild Night)

What would you do if your ex wanted to hook up, once more for old times’ sake… 
or maybe a few more times…
It was a terrible idea, but one I couldn’t resist, even if the past warned me away from it.
Scott literally rocketed to fame with his football career. It went to his head, and he allowed it to destroy us. 7 years, down the drain.
Now, it’s six years later. We’re in San Francisco for his sister's wedding. 
His sister, my best friend, who has a habit of landing herself in the most ridiculous situations. 
Today she needs rescuing. The kind that required driving across state to get her.
Scott refused to allow me to go alone, and somehow I agree to this road trip.
Hopping in that car with him meant stepping into a hot, steamy ride that sends my emotions into overdrive. 
Passion and desire were always our problem. 
And, Passion still wants to make us it’s slaves. 
Scott says once more time… just today… just tonight. 
Except… our hearts start to take it a little further. 
Once more, or forever? 
Love is a hard thing to throw away. 
But… Scott was the worst man for me. 
If I allow him to break my heart again, he could break me.

Book 3- Hearts Entwined 

A box of old letters, a trip to Italy, the cocky quarterback, and the sassy violinist...
When I opened my door to Gage Montgomery that night, I didn't realize I'd be unleashing all sorts of trouble.
Gage and I were enemies. Full stop.
Complete opposites that repelled each other. 
That was the way it always was since we were kids. 
To me he was the devil.
I’d lived next door to him all my life and rejoiced when he moved to L.A to play for the Gladiators.
The only thing we had in common was our love for his grandmother, my violin teacher.
It was that same love that sent us on a crazy trip to Italy to find the author of a set of letters written in World War Two. 
But… there was something else we found. A powerful attraction we never knew existed. 
It was the kind of attraction that made me forget that Gage was the same guy who terrorized me for years. 
I knew that falling for the cocky quarterback would be trouble.
But, I was powerless to resist him…

If you like hot, steamy, romance with gorgeous, drool-worthy Alpha’s you will love this collection.