Hearts Entwined

A box of old letters, a trip to Italy, the cocky quarterback who thinks he's God's gift, and the sassy violinist... This may just spell disaster...

When I opened my door to Gage Montgomery that night, I didn't realize I'd be unleashing all sorts of trouble.
Gage and I were enemies. Full stop.
Complete opposites that repelled each other. 
That was the way it always was since we were kids. 
To me he was the devil.
I’d lived next door to him all my life and rejoiced when he moved to L.A to play for the Gladiators.
The only thing we had in common was our love for his grandmother, my violin teacher.
It was that same love that sent us on a crazy trip to Italy to find the author of a set of letters written in World War Two. 
But… there was something else we found. A powerful attraction we never knew existed. 
It was the kind of attraction that made me forget that Gage was the same guy who terrorized me for years. 
I knew that falling for the cocky quarterback would be trouble.
But, I was powerless to resist him…

If you like hot, steamy, romance with gorgeous, drool-worthy Alpha’s you will love this ...