Mr. Delicious


“I’m just a guy who wants to take you to Paris on a date. Is that really so strange?” 

Those were the words AJ said to me as I stood in front of him contemplating this crazy idea of his. 
Could I do it? 
Just forget everything and fly off to Paris with a truly delicious, gorgeous, billionaire I barely knew?
God knew I’d been through hell after my cheating ex stole all my money and left me up to my lashes in debt. 

Mr Delicious.
That's what I'd called him. 
The name seemed fitting as the man was all kinds of gorgeous with his GQ looks and sexy smile. 
The promise of wild sexual fun I won’t forget lurks in his eyes, along with sinful temptation I can’t resist.
Everything he’s done so far is perfect. Everything. 
Why would going to Paris be any different...

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