Remember When We (Gangsters and Dolls Book 3)



She was my best friend’s little sister. 
That meant she was forbidden to me. 
Women like her didn’t belong in our dark world. 
Didn’t stop me though… 
She’s the good girl I never should have touched.
I went where I shouldn’t and lost track of the dangers that lurked around us. 
My irresponsibility cost my best friend, her brother, his life. 

I left home to keep her safe… and I knew leaving would break her heart.
Guilt made me stay away, and I found peace in knowing she was better without me. 
I never planned to return, but guilt brought me back for my uncles’ funeral. 
I knew better than to tempt fate. I’m one of the capo’s to the new Chicago Mafia boss and a member of the infamous Four.
But ,when I saw her again I forgot all the reasons why I was bad for her. 
All the reasons why I left. 
Leaving her once was hard.
Leaving her twice feels like a mistake I don’t want to make.
Especially when I think she’s in trouble…


I was innocent before him.
The same way I knew not to get involved with a man like him, I knew it was wrong to hide the child he never knew he had.

When I saw Gio again I caved and gave into the temptation of him. 
God forbid if he finds out my secrets. 
Yes, secrets. 
He has a son he didn’t know about and I made a deal with a devil who wants my body as payment if my father can’t pay his debts.
It’s all a nightmare I want to escape. 
When I’m with Gio I want him to save me, but I don’t want him to break me like he did last time. 
I want to be his like I was before, and remember when we belonged to each other. 

Remember when we made love under the stars and I thought that was our forever. 
Remember when we laughed together and I felt I had everything. 
Remember when we… were us. 
It feels like a dream my heart wants, but the nightmare is far from over.

Remember When We is a standalone, full-length mafia romance and a part of the Gangsters and Dolls series. 

Fourth Book in The Gangsters and Dolls Series