The Road Trip

Once More For Old Times Sake

What would you do if your ex wanted to hook up, once more for old times’ sake… 
or maybe a few more times…
It was a terrible idea, but one I couldn’t resist, even if the past warned me away from it.
Scott literally rocketed to fame with his football career. It went to his head, and he allowed it to destroy us. 7 years, down the drain.
Now, it’s six years later. We’re in San Francisco for his sister's wedding. 
His sister, my best friend, who has a habit of landing herself in the most ridiculous situations. 
Today she needs rescuing. The kind that required driving across state to get her.
Scott refused to allow me to go alone, and somehow I agree to this road trip.
Hopping in that car with him meant stepping into a hot, steamy ride that sends my emotions into overdrive. 
Passion and desire were always our problem. 
And, Passion still wants to make us it’s slaves. 
Scott says once more time… just today… just tonight. 
Except… our hearts start to take it a little further. 
Once more, or forever? 
Love is a hard thing to throw away. 
But… Scott was the worst man for me. 
If I allow him to break my heart again, he could break me.