The Rules of Attraction

Don’t fight Attraction...

Those were the words Alex spoke to capture me at hello.
I’d never met a man like this before.
Sexy as hell, hot like sin.
A man who came with his own rules.
He looked at me like he wanted to devour me, made my heart pound, and my soul shiver with need.

That’s what he called the insane chemistry that sparked between us.
He tempted me to explore and play by the rules.
After the disaster of my last relationship, I should have run a mile from the gorgeous, god-like man who called me angel.
But …I allowed him to tempt me.

Just for one night, I decided to escape life.
I never thought I’d see him again.
Attraction, however, had other things in mind for us, and I started a game it wanted me to finish.
It turns out the god-like man is my new boss…
I’m not sure how many more shocks my life can take.

It would be a mistake to fall for this man.
So I try not to.
But he wants to own me.
He wants to make me his.
He wants us to get lost in each other and escape life together.
Lost, until the scorching heat from attraction burns out...
The call of desire is too strong.

I should say no but I can’t resist the irresistible …