It's Complicated

What would you do if your boss offered you two million dollars to pretend to be his fiancée?

I had a sick father who needed treatment. 
A mountain of bills to pay, and… come on it’s two million dollars, not ten bucks!

Sure, Patterson Flynn is without a doubt a billionaire playboy who had a taste for easy women and fast cars. 
And sure, as his PA, I should know better than to agree to something so absurd. 

I’ve been witness to his craziness for the last five years. 
Five years of that man could drive anybody insane and realistically if you play with fire you will get burned.
The money is tempting, oh so tempting, but there’s something else too…
I’m curious…
My eyes haven’t been closed for the last five years. I noticed him.
Him, with his dreamy eyes I could get lost in. Him, with those good looks reserved for Hollywood, and that body that makes me think of hot, sinful things that would make my priest blush. 

I’m curious to see what it would be like to be on his arm. 
I’m curious to see how this little arrangement will play out. 
I’m curious to know if the scorching hot kiss he gave me when we weren’t pretending was real. 

We’re getting close, and so far over the line we crossed we can’t even see it anymore. 

I try to keep telling myself it’s not real. 
I just wished I believed it…